Progress Update: Work on the seventh level begins

June 29, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had their fill of enjoyment for E3, I know I certainly did! On today’s blog post I’ll be giving you an update to where the project currently is. Over the past couple of weeks, work has began on the seventh level of Brock Crocodile, Volcanic Meltdown. Following the almost baddie-less level of Breakout Prison and the surfing mini-level of Havoc Waves, this level is set to take Brock back to a traditional level structure with a fair few hazardous obstacles included in this stage.


You can have a look at the work in progress screenshot above, both our artist have been busy designing the level art and baddies passed off of concept art and previous design of the stages. You may recall from the history of Brock Crocodile blog that original the game had a much more restricted palette and aiming to be closer to a Master System game than a Mega Drive title. You can have a look at what the level use to look like below with another screenshot of the stage to compare it with.


I think we’ve definitely managed to stay true to the original level’s art direction. There has been an obvious change in the colour palette so to help Brock stand out more and the saturation for some of the level tiles have dropped done down a few notches. Next up will be making sure the gimmicks for the stage work all well and proper, hopefully on the next update I can talk to you more about the minions that populate the area and the obstacles Brock has to overcome, until next time!