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Old level, new look! Twinkle Twinkle in Snowy Twilight! »

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re enjoying this fine Sunday afternoon in London, in today’s update we’ll be showing you the eighth level for Brock Crocodile, Snowy Twilight. Like a few levels in Brock, Snowy Twilight started life in the pre-Mega Drive aesthetics days when the platformer was originally aiming to be more of a homage […]


Giant boss attack! »

Hello all! Today we’ll be looking a little bit on one of the bigger sprites in the game, the showdown with the mad scientist Andre Duckworth. The first thing when it came to designing this boss fight was making sure the dimensions were just right so that players wouldn’t be able to spam Brock’s whip […]


New Beehive Battleship and boss dialogue clip! »

Hi all! A late website update but this time coming complete with a new clip and showing off some of the dialogue and music you can expect to read and hear in the game! Don’t worry, that’s not it for our boss themed updates, we’ve got one more planned for next week, so be excited, […]

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