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A place to call home. »

Hello everyone! This week we’re sharing some more of the hub town and a few more pieces of art. First of all, feast your eyes on the above! Since our last update, we’ve added a bunch of items to make the town feel lived in such as benches, date trees, post boxes and so on […]

Just poppin’ down to the shops! »

Hello everyone! Well we’re almost finished with May but it’s time for another update. This week we share with you our progress on the hub! As you might have caught last week, we’re well into designing some of the specific buildings and you see the final results for one above! This building is the weapon’s […]

Red hot Crocodile coming through with a playable build! »

In case you missed it, we showed off what the finished invincibilty flame looks like and how it functions in the game. In case you missed tweet this Saturday, we’ve uploaded it onto our youtube channel which you can see above as well as give a listen to the invincibility theme. It’s funny for me […]

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