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Red hot Crocodile coming through with a playable build! »

In case you missed it, we showed off what the finished invincibilty flame looks like and how it functions in the game. In case you missed tweet this Saturday, we’ve uploaded it onto our youtube channel which you can see above as well as give a listen to the invincibility theme. It’s funny for me […]

500 Followers! CHEERS MATES! »

Hello everyone! This week we want to give a special thank you to all our followers who have been keeping a watchful eye on our project, we’ve just hit passed the 500 follower mark so from everyone in the team I again want to say a big thank you! Not only have you passed gather […]

Prepare yourselves for a fight most fearsome… »

You’ve seen our heroes but let’s introduce you to the most sinister of foes, employed by the mysterious Wize, the Fearsome Four are here to cause trouble! You’ve already seen Wize and Eguanodon but now feast your eyes on the rest of the fiendish villains who’ll be trying to stop Brock on his adventure. Tijin […]

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