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More character art & pages incoming! »

It’s been a while since we updated the character pages here on the official website but rest assured we’re busy updating them over the next few weeks, so this update will be a brief one. After all I’m sure you all already know who Brock and Xia-Yee are and if you’re one of the new […]


Refactor it, refactor everything! »

As I’m sure it’s common with any long running project, you’re going to find pieces you worked on in the past aren’t on the same standards you have today. This has happened time and time again with Brock Crocodile, I’ve overseen completely different tilesets put in or level design changed. We’ve seen improvements in our […]


Redesign redesign redesign! Old boss new design! »

A very chilly evening from London, hope everyone had a lovely weekend! In this update I’ll be sharing you some concept art of our latest creation, the new Princess Cassandra Honeypot and her mecha Beera! For those following the project for a while now will have noticed that originally, her mecha design lacked as much […]

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