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It’s time to bounce! »

A very bouncy evening to you all! This update is later than usual because traffic was killer, honestly! For those long term followers of the project and all those new followers we gained over the weekend (Where we gained our highest number of likes on a single tweet, over 50, seriously thank you to everyone!) […]


It’s been a bee-sy month! »

Ahem, bee puns aside, it has indeed been a busy month for us here at Digi Croc! Work is almost wrapping up on Beehive Battleship, a level we decided to redesign to give the player a more exhilarating feeling of adventure and speed. But let’s have a look back at what the level looked like […]


Time to beehive, the Queen has arrived! »

Hello all, another update on the project for you all, this time we’ll be covering some of the art we’ve produced over the past few days. First up and incase you missed it, we had another image up in place of our usual Screenshot Saturday, this time focusing on Brock and Xia-Yee. Those with longer […]

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