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Prepare yourselves for a fight most fearsome… »

You’ve seen our heroes but let’s introduce you to the most sinister of foes, employed by the mysterious Wize, the Fearsome Four are here to cause trouble! You’ve already seen Wize and Eguanodon but now feast your eyes on the rest of the fiendish villains who’ll be trying to stop Brock on his adventure. Tijin […]

Fire on! More Baddie art and a power up! »

How all are you all today? I hope hay fever isn’t effecting anyone else as bad as it is for me but enough about that, let’s talk about a couple of new developments for Brock Crocodile. We’ve been working on showing off some new promotional art for the enemies. It’s nice that our first boss […]

Your progress in April »

So with us hitting the second week of April, let’s have look at some of the progress on the project from the first quarter of the year!   First up, as you can see above we finished off the animations for both shops Brock can visit. We’ve tried to keep these two characters (Xia-Yee to […]

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