A place to call home.

June 6, 2018

Hello everyone! This week we’re sharing some more of the hub town and a few more pieces of art. First of all, feast your eyes on the above! Since our last update, we’ve added a bunch of items to make the town feel lived in such as benches, date trees, post boxes and so on and the centre point of the town, the fountain that poor Brock seems to have found himself stuck at the top of the geyser, what a nuisance he can be sometimes…

Now comes filling the town with a bunch of NPCs, added this week is a rebellious fox girl and one we’re working on is a friendly shark builder, currently named Gutless after I rejected my artist’s idea of giving him a gut! You can see both pieces of art below, give them a click to see them in full!

That concludes this update, I hope to have more to share for you this coming Saturday where we’ll try to give a tour of the town!