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August 19, 2016

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I wrote one of these but I did want to give everyone a formal update on what exactly is going on with Brock Crocodile.


First things first, I want to reassure everyone that the game is not cancelled nor is it in development hell. Whilst I cannot deny work on the title has slowed down, by no means has it stopped and I’m hoping in the coming months we can get everyone excited about the future prospect for the title and show that Brock Crocodile will indeed be finished! So let’s give you a taster of a theme for the up and coming updates… Bosses!


Starting off with these updates is showing the progression of the leader of the Fearsome Four, Eguanodon the Third! Now I’m sure some of you are unaware who he is but don’t worry, all will be revealed soon. The character himself should ooze a sort of arrogant coolness factor and just your regular tough guy. Whilst most bosses would have a minimal amount of attack patterns, with this boss I’m hoping to vary him up so that the players will be in for a challenge.


There’s a few more animations I’ve completed and just as Brock is the most animated character in the game, I’m hoping to have the leader of the Fearsome Four to be just as equally animated, hopefully I’ll show you next time. That’s your fill for now, they’ll be another update next week as we carry on the theme of bosses going forward and you’ll be happy to know we’ll share a few never before released songs. till next time!