Home sweet home!

January 29, 2018

Hello once again! With January almost over and work progressing smoothly I can share with you all today a little look at the modernised hub town where our hero Brock lives. If you’ve already paid attention on our twitter feed you’ll have already seen some of the new graphics, but stick around and look at how the stage has evolved from it’s first concept back in 2010 to today.

Different houses

For those following the project, you’ll be aware that originally instead of being a Mega Drive inspired game, the title started very much as a homage to Master System games. This meant a smaller screen resolution and a more dated graphical look. You can compare the difference between the original (left) and current house (right) above. I even threw in the losing revamped house (middle) in there for your enjoyment!


The town is far from finished but I’m hoping you can get a feel of what we’re trying to accomplish with the above gif. A scenic and peaceful river side town that’s home to a diverse group of characters ranging from old crocs to panda chefs and layabout humans. When looking at inspiration, I was going through photos of Dubai and Greece (In particular Santorini) trying to give the town a very different look from a traditional town designs found in the United Kingdom. For me I feel this would help the hub town stand out compared to other home base you find the player returning to so I certainly hope it’s look is appealing for player to visit!

Well that’s this update done, I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully in the near future I can show you more about the features and towns people you can find in the town!