It’s been a bee-sy month!

February 12, 2018

Ahem, bee puns aside, it has indeed been a busy month for us here at Digi Croc! Work is almost wrapping up on Beehive Battleship, a level we decided to redesign to give the player a more exhilarating feeling of adventure and speed. But let’s have a look back at what the level looked like in the past first to jog some memories!


I think there is still a lot of charm to the original level but looking at the changes made to it, I think it will add to the overall experience far greater. With the first level relying heavily on a brown and orange palette, we had to stop and think how we could differentiate the second level more. So to give it it’s own look and change the aesthetics from a purely to a giant beehive, we go to a heavily mechanized beehive honey producing factory which makes it stand out more from the first level and the third level, now with a far stronger use of grey.


In addition to changing the tileset, one new gimmick was added to this level that you can see above, a powerful stream of honey that forcefully carries the player across the level, timing your jumps right will help you get to different routes or collect more gems, so be prepared for some split second decision making! The level is almost complete with all that’s left is placing the tiles in the right place and finishing off the Mecha Guard Unit Beera’s sprite, which you might have seen a little preview of last week, if not, check her out below!


You don’t have to worry about waiting too long to see the rest of her, we’ll be showing her off to everyone soon enough. Thanks for reading another blog update, until next time!