It’s time to bounce!

February 19, 2018

A very bouncy evening to you all! This update is later than usual because traffic was killer, honestly! For those long term followers of the project and all those new followers we gained over the weekend (Where we gained our highest number of likes on a single tweet, over 50, seriously thank you to everyone!) you’ll have seen the art changes to the ruins. First up is the giant mushrooms that sprout out of the wall.

MushroomNEW MushroomOLD

If you wait long enough… You could see these two almost sync! As you can see, previously the graphic for the mushroom was a static image, but now we’ve given it a bit more character with a satisfying bwooooing sound effect, I hope many players enjoy jumping on this thing whenever they replay the level!

LanternNEW LanternOLD

Next up is an item that is global to the whole game, the lantern! Players pass this item to activate a checkpoint where once they lose all their health, they’ll be brought back to and continue their adventure from! Just like the mushroom, having a raging flame makes this game item a lot more appealing I feel.

I’m hoping these minor changes are pleasing to the player’s eyes and have a positive effect on people’s reception of the game. There’s still a few more changes being done to the ruin area and I hope you all pay attention to our Twitter account on Wednesday where we will be showing off some spiffy new additions to the first boss. See you all then!